"I Had No Experience With Online Marketing, And My First Launch Brought In Six Figures!"

Eric LaBeuff Went From A Dead-End Job In Financial Services, With NO CLUE How To Market On The Internet, To Starting A Company From Scratch That Brought In Six Figures With Their First Product Using My Killer Email Strategies!!!

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When I first met Eric, him and his partner were in dire straights.

They had spent $30,000 of their own money on a business venture they had yet to release - and they had NO IDEA how to make that money back.

They had a lot of expensive advisors who were steering them the wrong way, and Eric knew it. That's why he and his partner came to me.

Because Eric was already so far in the hole by the time I met him, I didn't want to charge him for my consulting services.

So I began unloading all my information on him for free.

Very quickly, it became apparent Eric was getting overwhelmed! In fact, he even told me that the 10 pages of notes he took from that meeting were more valuable than any of the advice his expensive business advisors had been giving him!

Eric began implementing my strategies immediately, and before long, he had a massive list of people he could market to.

By the time his product was ready to be released, they launched to the tune of a cool six figures!

That means they made ALL their money back, and then some!

This is a fantastic example of how someone with ZERO experience in online marketing can use the power of email to make a FORTUNE.

Sure, I pulled in $1 million dollars in 30 minutes using these techniques. But I have a great deal of expertise under my belt. Eric was a complete NEWBIE, and he made more in 2 weeks than his "hot shot" advisors told him he could expect to make in a YEAR.

And if Eric can use my strategies to get this kind of result, I know for a FACT you can too!

And to prove it to you, I want to start sharing with you some TOP SECRET email marketing tips you can use immediately to start turning your online business into a KILLER money-making machine.

Top Secret Tip #1: Discover How Much A Lead Is Worth To Maximize Your Marketing Dollar.

A lot of marketers out there like to talk about ROI.

(That means "Return On Investment.")

This basically means that smart marketers are concerned about knowing what they're spending their money on to market their business is bringing in a return.

So what happens is you see a LOT of people trying their hardest to figure out what marketing method is actually bringing them back more money than they're sinking into it.

They will sign up for expensive tracking software, and try and see which customers go from clicking the ad all the way to buying their product.

But as most of you who've done this know - the data you get from this type of tracking is usually not very accurate!

The reason is because most people won't buy just after one exposure. It usually takes MULTIPLE exposures to your product in order to buy.

That is why so many serious marketers use "squeeze pages" to capture the name and email addresses of leads brought in through their advertising - so they can ensure MULTIPLE exposures to their product, and therefore, increase the chances of a sale.

But there's a problem with this too.

Once a lead is put on your email list - how do you know where they came from? They may buy after 7 exposures, or 30 exposures, or 375 exposures. You just don't know!

So again, it's hard to track ROI from the click to the sale.

Personally, I don't try to track ROI based on who buys my products after clicking my ads. It's too difficult, and it's never very accurate.

What I do INSTEAD, is track how effective my marketing is based on how many OPT-INS I get on my squeeze page.

See, you might have a google ad running that converts NOTHING when it comes to sales. However, that same ad (which makes you no sales, according to google's tracking system) might give you 50 opt-ins a day.

At first glance, that might seem like a TERRIBLE keyword to be spending your money on.

However... what if those 50 opt ins bring you 10 sales a month that AREN'T tracked by Google's cookie?

So I measure the effectiveness of my advertising based on how many opt-ins into my list I get. And I can do this because I know the value of every subscriber on my email list!

And when I know the value of every subscribed I have on my email list, I know EXACTLY how much I can afford to pay to acquire that subscriber before I begin to operate at a loss.

When you know the average value of a subscriber, you can justify paying $0.50 per lead or click, if you know that subscriber is ultimately worth $1.00 to you, right?

Well, there’s a small problem with this…

There is no such thing as an “average lead” in my opinion. I wish it were a simple matter of subscribing a dollar value to everyone on your list, but there are many factors to consider.

A subscriber’s value changes the longer he is on your list. Typically, the longer someone is on your list, the less they are worth as a potential customer.

Not only that, but sometimes your list subscribers are worth their weight in gold in non-revenue aspects of your business, such as testimonials, referrals, feedback, testing, etc.

BUT, that said, it’s a good idea to know SOMETHING about how much a typical NEW subscriber is worth.

I read somewhere that a good rule of thumb to follow is that every new subscriber to your list is worth $1 for the month. So going by that logic, if you get 2000 people opting into your list a month, you can expect to make at least $2,000 a month.

But that is a GENERAL rule of thumb, and one I’ve found to be somewhat inaccurate. But here’s a good way I’ve found of determining list subscriber value.

I look at this on a monthly basis (since most new subscribers will buy within the first month of being on your list, that, and the fact that most autoresponders will have 30 days worth of emails in them), so we’re going to determine how much a new subscriber is worth per month to your business.

First off, you have to know the conversion rate of your sales page.

You can figure this out by taking the total number of sales you made in a month, and divide that by the number of people who visited your sales page during that same month (make sure you use “unique visitors” to calculate this instead of “overall visitors” since it will give you a more accurate number.)

Conversion Rate = Total # Of Sales For Month / Total Unique Visitors To Sales Page

Once you know your conversion rate, you want to find out the total number of visitors you sent to your sales page FROM your list during that month.

If you have click tracking software, this is what it’s good for. Just look and see how much unique traffic clicked through to your sales page from your emails sent through the month.

Then, take that number and multiply it by your conversion rate to get the number of sales you made from your list.

Conversion Rate x # Of Visitors Sent Through Email = # Of Sales From List

Then, you can figure out the subscriber value of your list by dividing the number of sales by the number of new subscribers added to your list during the month.

When doing this, I usually write down my active subscriber number at the beginning of the month, and the active subscriber number at the end of the month, and then figure out the difference to get the total number of new subscribers to my list. This number may not be accurate if you’re adding customers to a separate list, though, so be sure to keep track of how many customers you have as well.

So the breakdown looks like this:

# of Sales / # of Subscribers Added During Month = Subscriber Value

If you want to get a very accurate number, get 3 months of data and determine an average. This will give you a very good idea of how much a new subscriber to your list is worth.

Month 1 Subscriber Value + Month 2 + Month 3 / 3 = Average Subscriber Value

Now that you know what the average value of your list subscriber is, you know how much you can spend to get a new subscriber.

This means, you know how much you can afford to spend on your advertising to acquire new leads before you start to lose money!

Now - If you thought this information was good - you ain't seen NOTHING yet.

Just you wait until you see the secrets in my Email Rebel Home Study Course! Anyone who is serious about making money online needs to be using these techniques to skyrocket their profits.

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You are going to get some KILLER strategies of how you can use email to explode your business.

So keep an eye out for another email from me tomorrow - where I'll share with you another case study, AND another Top Secret Tip!

Talk soon,

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