"My Business Was LOSING Money Before I Discovered Your Techniques..."

David Van Arrick Was Struggling To Make Money Online Until He Started Using My Killer Email Tactics. Now, He's Consistently Making A Five-Figure Income In His Sleep. Listen To His Incredible Story!!!

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Let me be honest here...

David is a good friend of mine. He was one of the first people I met when I moved out to Los Angeles.

Once David saw the kind of success I was having with my online businesses, he wanted to get in on the action as well.

Unfortunately, things did not work out well for him at first.

He was really struggling with everything you need to do to make sales. He was going crazy trying to understand Google Adwords. He was busy writing sales copy that was NOT converting for him. And most of all - he had no idea who he was selling his product to.

It wasn't until he came to me begging for help that things started to turn around for him.

Once David started using my email tactics, his business started to turn around. He was actually able to pay his Google Adwords bill. His site started to convert for him. He zeroed in on his customers. Finally, he started to turn a profit.

Now, David has a business that makes a consistent $20,000 - $30,000 a month business that runs in his sleep.

Not only that, but he's now using his email list to sell new products to, one of which brought him close to $30,000 in the course of two weeks.

Not a day goes by where I don't hear from David profusely THANKING me for sharing my strategies with him, and helping to make his online business a success.

Here's the moral of this story...

David was just an average guy who knew NOTHING about how to make money online.

Now, he's making a great living, doing very little work. This gives him more time to spend with his fiance, and pursue his passions.

That, my friend, is FREEDOM.

And when you have freedom, you know you have REAL success!

Speaking of success, let me give you another Top Secret Tip on how you can use email to BLOW UP your online profits.

Top Secret Tip #2: Using Email To Test Your Advertising For FREE.

Here's your typical scenero...

You want to start advertising your products. So you create an account on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and MSN. Maybe you even get a few banners designed and start making media buys.

You diligently split test many different ads while running your account. You spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars as your ads get clicked on, and your banners get shown.

Finally, you know which ads are getting clicked on. So now, finally, you can cut back on your testing, and stop wasting money on poor performing ads.

That's the way MOST people do it.

But not me.

See - I'm a very impatient guy. I don't like to spend two weeks testing out my ads just to see which ones are actually going to get me results. (And let's face it - two weeks is the bare minimum amount of time to get a good read on which ads are actually WORKING for you.)

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to test your ads BEFORE you put them into Google, Yahoo, and MSN?

Imagine all the TIME and MONEY you'd save being able to jump right in and start advertising with ads you know - for a fact - pull.

Well, that's what I do.

Before I put one word of ad copy into Google, before I commission a single banner ad - I know what ad copy is going to work for me, and what ad copy isn't.

And what's better is - it takes me just a few days to know for certain, instead of two weeks or longer.

How do I know this? What's my secret?

Simple. I use my email list to test my ad copy.

Let me break down a few common sense concepts for you. If you have an email list, chances are very high that the people on that list are interested in your offer.

In fact, they're highly qualified, because they actually went through the effort of opting into your list!

And if you have a list of CUSTOMERS (people who've actually bought from you), you know they're extremely qualified because they were the people who went LOOKING for your offer and took advantage of it.

These are the people you're looking to attract, right? These are the kind of people you want clicking on your text and banner ads.

Well, with an email list, you're able to find out WHAT THEY RESPOND TO, and then use that to your advantage.

So here's what you do...

1. Use your email headlines to test ad headlines AND ad copy.

This is the fastest way I know of to see what kind of copy your target audience responds to the most.

All you need to do is put either your ad headline, or your ad copy, in the subject line of your email, and then track OPEN rates.

So let's say you're selling a golf product, and you want to see which headline pulls better - "Golf Pro Secrets" or "Increase Your Drive."

What you can do is go into your email autoresponder, create a "split test" broadcast message, make sure open rates are enabled, and then send out a newsletter using those two subject headings.

Then, wait a day or two, and check your stats. Whatever email got opened the most - THAT'S the headline you go with!

When testing ad copy, you do the exact same thing. Just put the Ad Copy in your email subject heading, and see which email gets opened more. That's the one you use.

Finally, if you want to get REALLY detailed, you can even cloak your links in your email and see what kind of links get clicked on the most.

For instance, let's say your website is www.golfsecretsexposed.com. In Google, often times people will add things on to their display url to try and increase clickthroughs.

So you may be tempted to try something like GolfSecretsExposed.com/Secrets.

Well, in order to test and see if this will work, do another Split Test Broadcast message to your list, make sure you have a cloaked link and tracking software you can use, and see which version gets clicked on the most, and BOOM!

Put it all together, and you have an ad that's guaranteed to pull.

And if you want to get really advanced, come up with different ad variations of the material that tests well, and then test it out with your CUSTOMER email lists - and you'll know exactly the type of ads people more willing to BUY your wares will respond to!

Simple. Easy. Effective.

But most of all - FREE.

If you thought this information was good - you ain't seen nothing yet. Just you wait until my you check out my Email Rebel Home Study Course.

Anyone who is serious about making money online simply NEEDS to check out these techniques.

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You are going to get some KILLER strategies of how you can use email to explode your business.

So keep an eye out on more emails from me - not only for great tips - but also for how you're going to be able to get access to some of my best money-making secrets.

Talk soon,

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