"Here's How The Rich Jerk Uses Email To Make MILLIONS On The Internet!"

Ryan Helps To Run A Multi-Million Dollar Business, And I'M The One HE Calls When He Wants To Do A Major Launch!!! Listen To His Story To Learn how The BIG BOYS Use Email To Rake In The Dough!

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"Magic" Ryan Kaltman has one of the toughest jobs on the planet.

He has to help the Rich Jerk run his multi-million dollar online empire.

And as if the day-to-day operations of running such a huge business weren't enough, he's the one who has to drag the Rich Jerk away from his houses, cars, and beautiful women long enough to get an idea of what he wants to do next.

Now, Ryan is a genius marketer in his own right. But even HE is still in awe of some of my email strategies.

So much so, in fact, that he's even incorporated them into the Rich Jerk's business model, and helped launch two MAJOR products with them.

The first was the Rich Jerk's X-Ray Domination Software.

The second was the Rich Jerk's Playboy Mansion Party.

Could the Rich Jerk have done well, even if he DIDN'T use my email strategies in these launches? Probably. The Rich Jerk is a marketing wizard in his own right, and certainly doesn't need my help to make money.

But my strategies certainly made life EASIER for Ryan, and helped him bring in sales more quickly than he otherwise might have.

Understand - though my strategies are GREAT for beginners and people looking to start or grow their online business, these email techniques are great for large businesses that are looking to streamline their bottom line as well.

And streamlining is one of Ryan's specialties.

So for today's audio, I wanted to reveal to you how BIG companies use these strategies to make massive profits. And in my opinion, no one's better qualified to do so than Ryan himself.

Top Secret Tip #3: Leveraging Your Email List For Maximum Profits AND Power In Your Niche!

It's no secret that my expertise in internet marketing takes place OUTSIDE the "how to make money" niche.

In the niches I'm in, I'm actually a fairly big deal.

(I'm not a HUGE deal, but a big enough deal that other marketers take notice.)

So it's no surprise that I CONSTANTLY get bombarded by people offering me joint venture opportunities and affiliate deals.

Not a day goes by where I don't get between 10-30 emails from other merchants asking me to partner with them.

Usually, I turn 99% of these people down.

Why do I do this? Wouldn't it be in my best interest to partner with everyone I could and take advantage of their traffic?

The answer is - no!

Even though a lot of these people may be professional marketers who are indeed making a profit from their online businesses, they have absolutely NO POWER and NO LEVRIDGE.

In short - they need me more than I need them.

Why is this?

Because I have "traffic on demand" at my fingertips, and they usually DON'T.

What do I mean by "traffic on demand?"

Well, let's just say that if I wanted to, I have over 200,000 people I could blast an offer to in an hour.

Anytime I want.

That's the size of a small city. And I have DIRECT access to them.

Most people who contact me might have access to a few thousand people (if they're lucky) from the information they have collected in their shopping cart.

And chances are - if they're in the same niche as me - I probably have most of their customers on my list already.

That is why I have the power and THEY DON'T. Because I can bring more to the table than they can. I can make them more money than they can make me.

But let's say I want to attract a joint venture partner. Let's say I want to go into a brand new niche, and get the TOP people to mail for me. How do I do this?

I use my Email Rebel tactics to rapidly build a list. Then, without asking for anything in return, I start contacting merchants and say:

"I really like you're product! It's great. What can I be doing to help you make more money? Do you have an affiliate program? I think my customers would really get a lot of benefit from your stuff."

I offer to give these people business with no strings attached. How can I do this? Because I have lists that are RELATED to their niche already in place.

So I do a promotion, and start making gobs of affiliate sales. The merchant then sees what I have to offer in terms of VALUE.

After the promotion is over, I'll email the merchant and ask him how he felt the results were. Usually, I'll get an email back saying something like "It did great!"

At this point, I'll ask him to return the favor by promoting my own material. 99% of the time, the merchant happily agrees, because I've already PROVEN to him that I am a tremendous asset to his business, and he's going to want to keep that relationship alive if he's a smart businessman.

In turn, I get access to HIS customers, and HIS list, which in turns grows my email list asset, which in turn, gives me more power and leverage in the niche.

And once you have a good, solid asset like a "traffic on demand" email list - you can begin going to the big players in your niche, and negotiating even BIGGER joint venture deals.

Not only that, but people will be AFRAID to say "No" to you.


Because YOU can deliver MASSIVE traffic that actually BUYS.

(Insert Evil "Mwuahahahaha" Laugh Here.)

Before you know it, you're a powerhouse in your niche, and you're respected by the other big-boys.

(Hey, how do you think I got in good with the Rich Jerk?)

So as you can see, Email is more about just making sales. It's about building an asset you can leverage for incredible power in your marketplace.

I go into tactics like these in my Email Rebel Home Study Course, which goes in-depth into how to use Email to radically increase your online sales.

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You're going to want to make sure you get your copy as soon as possible, otherwise, you're going to be leaving a LOT of leverage you can use to build your business out in the cold!

Don't miss out.

Talk Soon,

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