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How To Make Money Sending Email

Hi there, my name's Matthew Kadish, and yes - that's a picture of me below:

No, seriously. It is! If I was going to lie to you, I'd hire a male model or something. Ha ha ha...

I just want to congratulate you for making your way to my website. You're now on the only webpage on the entire internet that can have you earning over $150,000 CASH this year by sending emails.

The best part is, you need no technical knowledge or prior experience. I will teach you everything you need to know to get started and be successful.

But before I tell you about how you too can start earning money from your home computer, let me give you a little more info about myself and why I created this website.

How A Fat, Lazy, Broke Slob Started Earning Six-Figures A Year In His Underwear...

A few years ago, I was a young man living in Los Angeles, making $440 a week at a dead end job, with over $50,000 in credit card debt.

My typical day consisted of waking up at 5:00 am, commuting an hour to the office in LA traffic, working for eight hours straight (nine, if you count my lunch break) in a cubicle with no windows in sight, only to take another hour to drive home. And the next day...


(You can only imagine how frustrating it was to grind away in the rat race with no relief what so ever.)

Fast forward to today: I wake up around 10:00 am, watch TV on my TIVO for about an hour or two, play with my rambunctious little dog, grab some lunch, head to my computer, spend an hour writing a few emails which I schedule to go out automatically the next day, and then go hang out with my friends and goof off the rest of the time.

I’m able to do this because now I run a six-figure business sending emails, and am completely debt free!

But Don't Take My Word For It. Here's Proof...

Here are some screenshots of some of my online accounts that I took with my cell phone camera to give you an idea of the type of money you can make by sending out email to people...

This is my computer screen.

Here's an account where I promote some Money-Making niche products.

Here's another account that I use for affiliate promotions.

Here's a test account I use to try out new offers. As you can see,
I don't make a lot with it, but it gives me an idea of what's profitable.

These are real screenshots of my actual accounts. And I make all this money by following my method of sending offers out to people with email!

How Did A Loser Like Me - With No Prior Business Or Computer Experience - Start Making A Full Time Living Sending Email?

It's actually much easier than you think.

In fact, you can de EXACTLY what I do without knowing a thing about computers, the internet, or business! All you need to be able to do is read and follow directions, and put in just a little bit of effort.


See, I used to know nothing about how the internet worked, until I met my friend Josh.

I ran into Josh at a club in Hollywood called the Saddle Ranch. We hit it off and started hanging out together. And when I did, a funny thing happened...

I noticed Josh didn't have to work!

He would call me up at all hours of the day, asking me to do things, like grab a bite to eat, catch a movie, and various other fun stuff.

Of course, I was stuck at work all day! So I was unable to join him.

Finally, I asked him what it was he did that allowed him to hang out all day and do no work, but still support himself. And his answer SHOCKED me.

My Friend Was Making Over $10,000 Every Month Doing Nothing But Sending Out Emails!

My first thought that he was one of those creepy spammer guys who clutter up my inbox with junk email, but it turns out nothing could be further from the truth.

Josh only emailed people who asked him to send them information. Everything he did was completely LEGAL and ETHICAL.

So I begged him to share his secrets with me so I could finally quite my job and enjoy the kind of lifestyle he was living too!

At first, he was a little hesitant, but finally, he said "Matt, I'm going to help you do the same thing I do."

"Are you serious?" I asked him.

Josh went on to tell me that he was worried if other people did the same thing as him, his income would go down because of the competition, so he was very secretive about the details of how he made money online.

But he went on to tell me how he helped some of his family members start making money doing the same thing he does, and it didn't hurt his income at all.

So I finally convinced him to show me what he did.

Once I Figured Out His System, The Results Were SHOCKING...

I couldn't believe how easy what Josh did really was. It was literally HANDS OFF income. Once you had everything set up, you could just sit back and relax, and watch the money roll in.

I was so excited, I felt like a kid on Christmas morning opening his presents!

It was a simple three step system:

STEP 1: Build an Email List

The first thing you have to do is get people to sign up for your email list. This is actually really easy to do, and it doesn't cost a lot of money either.

STEP 2: Optimize Your Email List

After you got people signing up, all you needed to do was make sure you sent out emails that made people buy stuff. There are literally hundreds of thousands of offers out there that will pay you money for sending people to their websites!

Finding these offers is easy. You don't need to manufacture any products yourself, or handle any customer service. All you need to know is where to look to find the offers that will pay you the most money!

STEP 3: Send Emails Out Every Day

After everything is set up, you just need to send out 1 email a day to your list. That's it! It takes 15 minutes to write an email (less if the offer you're promoting actually gives you emails to send out!), and then you use a special piece of software to send out the email automatically to thousands of people.

Don't worry, I'll give you access to the software so you can see how simple it is to do yourself!

Check Out The Results Of This System For Yourself!

It's one thing to say the system is easy, its another thing to show you actual results you can get when you start following it! Here are actual screenshots of earnings I've achieved through my use of email...

Here's An Account I Use For Promoting Money-Making Offers

Here's an account I use to promote Acne and Beauty Offers

Here's a screenshot of my Paypal Account after a major email promotion.

Here's An Earnings Statement From My Clickbank Account Showing
A List Of Paychecks I've Recieved.

As you can see, I'm making REAL money from my system, and the more I apply it, the more I make!

After I Learned This Simple System, I Was Able To Quit My Job And Do It Full Time!

You can't imagine how incredible it feels to be your own boss and make money doing something that's easy and fun to do! Just check out the type of checks I get in the mail all the time...

Here are 6 checks I got from Clickbank - All from 2 weeks worth of work!

Here's a check I got for $6,722.89 - All from sending email!
Imagine getting a check like this every two weeks!

Seriously, it doesn't get any better than that. I used to dread checking my mail because I'd get nothing but bills. Now, I love to check the mailbox because I get a constant stream of checks!

Me And My New Mercedes

You've Seen What I Can Do. Now Ask Yourself - What Kind Of Life Do YOU Want?

Are you happy with your current situation? Could you stand to make a little extra money each month? Or would you like to quit your job all together and live a life of luxury?

Imagine the possibilities when you start making thousands of dollars a day sending out simple email messages...

Do You Want A House Like This?

Do You Want A Living Room Like This?

Do You Want A Yacht Like This?

Do You Want A Car Like This?

All this and more can be yours, if you're willing to take the first step and unleash your potential!

Not only is my system easy to do, it is completely scalable! You're only limited to how much you make by the amount of work you're willing to put in!

But You Have To Hurry, Because I'm Only Teaching This System To 37 People In and around within the next 24 hours.

Part of my deal with my friend Josh was that I'd limit the number of people I'd share this information with.

As of right now, , I only have 37 more spots available for people who are interested in learning to make money with email.

If you want to take advantage of thsi AMAZING one-time only offer, I urge you to join now. I will be closing down this site once I reach 1,000 members, which could literally be any time now.

You need to make the decision right now and decide if you want to continue on with your life exactly how it is, or join the ranks of the Email Rebels and change your life forever!

If you don't make any changes, your life and your financial future will not get any better. The people who've signed up for my course have already changed their financial futures for the better.

Now it's your turn to become one of the successful members who are earning money every day by sending out emails. You can start earning cash in just a few days.

But I'm Going To Go One Step Further And Give You This Special Guarantee...

If You Order Now You Will Recieve Everything Listed Below...

Let me just say that email is the FASTEST and CHEAPEST way you can start building up your monthly cashflow. And it’s important to know how to use it RIGHT.

I called this course Email Rebel for a reason – because these are tactics that are not widely known. In fact, they tend to buck most commonly accepted practices online. But that’s why they work, and more importantly – they work consistently, over and over again, with great results.

And it’s so easy to implement, you’d be a FOOL for not applying them right now.

So here’s what you’re getting INSTANT ACCESS to when you decide to order (no waiting involved, you’ll get access instantly after ordering)

  • All 10 Email Training Manuals
  • 11 High Quality MP3 Interviews With Email Experts
  • 3 Ready-To-Go Website Opt In Templates
  • Full Motion Video Tutorials
  • Full Automated Email Marketing System
  • Full Access Premium Membership & Free Future Updates

Order Now For The Super-Low Price Of Only $97
(Regular Price $197)

Click Here To Order Online Using
Our Secure Payment System

Original Instructional Manuals

I'm quite a prolific writer, and I think most people really prefer manuals when it comes to training purposes because they're easier to reference than audio or video is. So I've personally written 10 full training manuals specifically for the Email Rebel Course.

These are ORIGINAL manuals I've actually written! I didn't buy someone else's stuff and re-package it. Everything here is mine, and I'll be sharing it with you for the first time!

  • Basic Email Strategies - the bare bones of what you need to know to start making money with email right away! How to set up your emails to make you automatic money!
  • Advanced Email Strategies - this is where we get into the really "sneaky" secrets that are available to you when using email to market your products. No doubt some of these tactics will blow your mind!
  • The Opt In List Traffic Guide - This guide will give you the breakdown of how you can quickly get people to visit your website and sign up for your email list.
  • List Optimization Secrets - How to optimize your email list to pull every single last penny you can out of your subscribers for maximum profit.
  • The Secret Structure Of Emails - If you ever thought writing emails was a problem, think again! Once you know the secret structure of emails, writing becomes a true "plug and play" experience. Just plug your content into the proper structure, and BOOM! You have an instant email. (Warning: 3rd grade reading and writing level required!)
  • Whitelisting Secrets - it's not just enough to write your email, you have to make sure it gets delivered and stays out of the SPAM box! In this book, I'll show you all my best techniques for getting your customers to whitelist you.
  • Ultimate Content Resource - want to know how to find information to write about in your emails? With the Ultimate Content Resource, you now have at your fingertips a huge knowledge bank you can use to find information on any topic you want, so you can make writing your emails easier!
  • Ultimate Email Swipe File - Why bother writing your own emails when it's easier just to copy them from someone else? In this manual, I share with you some of the best "swiped" email copy you've ever seen that you can ethically steal and use as your own!
  • The Aweber Integration Guide - Here, I'll share with you how you can integrate your website with your autoresponder to you can automatically send out emails, segment your lists, and re-assign your subscribers to different email sequences to maximize your productivity.
  • The Email Rebel Dossier - Here, I'll share with you real examples of real emails I've used in my business so you can see - first hand - how emails work!


Exclusive Audio Interviews

Everyone loves audio, and I was able to pick the brains of some of the smartest marketers I could find and deliver them directly to you. Some of these people you may have heard of, some you may not have - but regardless, they are all making an extremely good living online, AND they are all incredible marketers in their own right.

For you to personally sit down and meet with them would probably cost you thousands of dollars. But I've already done all the hard work for you. By the time you finish listening to these audios, you'll feel like you've gotten personal business coaching from the BEST in the market!

Each audio interview is an hour or longer, and involves the following people:

  • Master Marketer Frank Kern - in this revealing interview, Frank lets loose with some of his best tactics on how to use email as a sales tool that makes customers practically BEG YOU to take their money!
  • Master Marketer Ed Dale - In this interview, Ed shares some of his best advice on how to use email effectively, particularly when it comes to rapidly building a large list quickly and cheaply!
  • Google Adwords Expert Bill Foley - If you have ever had a hard time with Pay-Per-Click marketing, you MUST listen to this special interview! Bill Foley is one of "Google's Most Wanted" because he consistently cracks their code and figures out how to get the most clicks the cheapest! For the first time ever, Bill breaks his silence about his PPC secrets!
  • Master Copywriter Harlan Kilstein - He's written sales letters that have brought in MILLIONS of dollars, he runs his own seven figure business, and he is a master hypnotist! In this interview, Harlan reveals his copywriting techniques you can use in your emails to actually BRAINWASH your customers into buying whatever you have to offer them!
  • Nitro Marketer Kevin Wilke - On of the geniuses behind Nitro Marketing, Kevin sits down with me and reveals how affiliates can use email marketing to start making more money than most merchants do! If you've ever wanted to "peek" inside the inner-workings of the Nitro Marketing powerhouse, now is your chance!
  • Web Entrepreneur Dave. M. - Dave M. isn't a guru, but he does run his own successful online business. In this interview, Dave M. reveals how someone with now website, no product, and no advertising can use email to actually jumpstart an online business!
  • Guerilla Marketer Trey Smith - Trey Smith is a mad marketing genius, and an expert in writing email copy for product launches. In this interview, he goes over all his "sneaky launch tricks" so you too can start doing product releases with MASSIVE profit potential!
  • The Rich Jerk's Ryan Kaltman - Ryan Kaltman is one of the head guys over at The Rich Jerk, and in this interview, Ryan and I sit down and start talking about how the Rich Jerk Company uses email in their multi-million dollar business. This interview is PERFECT for when your company starts to grow!
  • Master Spammer Mister X - Hey, every product needs a "Mister X" right? Well, in this case, Mister X is a real, honest-to-god SPAMMER! A self admitted "Dark Side" marketer, Mister X reveals all his most effective (and more importantly, LEGAL) email techniques that help him make millions without a website, OR product! This interview is not to be missed!
  • Myself - Rappin' Matt - In this interview, I reveal all my own personal tactics on how to use email.
  • And A Special Bonus Audio - Finally, you'll get a special bonus audio that Ed Dale and I did a while back that covers the ins and outs of community building, and how you can create a community of customers who want to do NOTHING but buy from YOU!

*** Special Bonus #1 ***

Professional Website Opt-In Templates

There's no need to know anything about HTML or website design. I'll give you "plug-and-play" website templates you can upload immediately so you can start building an email list right away!

Each template has been verified to work great at getting people to opt in. All you need to do is personalize the templates to suit your needs, and then you're off to the races! (Don't worry, I have a special video walkthrough showing you exactly how to do that!)

Once you get your template the way you want it, you can start building a massive email list and start making money from home by sending out email. It's that easy.

*** Special Bonus #2 ***

Full-On Automation - Get Your Emails Created FOR You!

One of the biggest problems internet marketers face is finding the time to LEARN great new marketing techniques, and then spending the time to EXECUTE them.

I struggled with this for a long time, before I learned how to effectively outsource tasks for my business.

So many people hate to write, and frankly aren’t very good at it. Writing a simple 500 word email can take some people two hours to do! And when you have to create lots of emails, and get them set up to be sent out to your customers – suddenly you’re looking at tons and TONS of busy work!

And if you’re anything like me – you HATE to work.

Well, when you get access to my Email Rebel course, you're going to get my fully automated system for email marketing!

With this system, you can easily create a 30 day autoresponder sequence designed to sell YOUR specific product or service - automatically! It requires almost no work on your part, and best of all, NO WRITING!

This is a system you can use over and over again as needed – no matter how many websites you have!

This system alone is worth the price of the course.

*** Special Bonus #3 ***

Professional Customer Support

I'm always surprised at how many merchants out there fail to deliver even basic customer support to their patrons. I know that I personally have had issues with merchants not giving refunds or answering questions in the past, and frankly, I think that's shameful.

That's why I have a team of highly skilled people ready to handle any issue that may arise, so you know for sure that you're going to get help when you need it!

We cover everything from problems with your order to refund requests, all within 48 hours of recieving your inquiry (and usually much quicker than that). Don't discount having a dedicated and professional customer service team associated with your course - it can save you a TON of frustration!

*** Special Bonus #4 ***

Lifetime Updates

Because the internet and business is always changing, I will have to update the course from time to time to keep things current. I always want to make sure that my techniques, strategies, and software is up to date so I can continue making money with them!

Most merchants are still selling stuff they created back in the early 90's, never bothering to update it even though the internet has changed so much since then.

But when you get my course, you'll get free access to all future updates. That means you don't have to ever pay for a "2.0" version of the course. It's yours free once you become a member.

With access to lifetime updates, you'll always be on the cutting edge of email marketing.

Order Now For The Super-Low Price Of Only $97
(Regular Price $197)

Click Here To Order Online Using
Our Secure Payment System

You'll receive the entire "Email Rebel Program," including $2189.94 worth of FREE bonuses! And remember... If you don't start making good money right away, return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked!

Start making money right away from your home computer using the Email Rebel program.

How Do I Know If This Is Legit Or Just Another Scam?

I know you're probably thinking that you've been scammed before, so how do you know if this program is legitimate?

Listen, I've been there before myself, and that's why I'm adamant about the quality of my products and customer service. I do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied and will actually get the results you came to my site looking for.

Also, think about it... why in the world would I want to scam you or sell you some gimmick that doesn't work? I'd be out of business in a week! It's exactly the opposite of what I stand for.

My long term goals are to stay in business, by helping you achieve your long terms goals of earning money from home. It's just common sense that I want my program to be as effective as humanly possible to get you RESULTS. And that's exactly what it delivers.

After all, that's really what it's all about... YOUR RESULTS!

Let Me Be Clear – This Course Doesn’t Cost You Money, It MAKES You Money!

Remember that this is an investment in your business. But more than just being a tax deduction, it's an investment in your future! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If my tactics work for you, you’ll see a dramatic increase in your bank account. If they don’t, you get your money back.

Its win-win for you no matter how you look at it.

And if just one tactic in this course helps you to improve your life, the whole experience will have been worth it.

If you leave this page I guarantee someone else will take your spot... forcing you to work at your dead end job for the rest of your life. They will be enjoying the life of your dreams, while you waste your life working for peanuts.

So don’t wait another second. Take this opportunity now, before it’s gone.

Your friend,

P.S. Remember that when you sign up for membership to the Email Rebel Site, you'll also get FREE future updates. As the marketing game changes, I'll keep on top of things and update the site accordingly. There are no monthly fees for access to the site, just a straight-up registration fee, and you get full access for the lifetime of the website, and free updates.

P.P.S. Don't forget about my Money Back Guarantee. If you don't like what you get from the course, or you don't see a return from applying my tactics, I'll happily give you a full refund within 60 days of buying the course.

Order Now For The Super-Low Price Of Only $97
(Regular Price $197)

Click Here To Order Online Using
Our Secure Payment System

Order Now For The Super-Low Price Of Only $97
(Regular Price $197)

Click Here To Order Online Using
Our Secure Payment System

You'll receive the entire "Email Rebel Program," including $2189.94 worth of FREE bonuses! And remember... If you don't start making good money right away, return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked!

Start making money right away from your home computer using the Email Rebel program.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent this product and it's potential. Even though this industry is one of the few where one can write their own check in terms of earnings, there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in these materials. Examples in these materials are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our product, ideas, techniques and the effort put forth.

We do not purport this as a "get rich scheme." Your level of success in attaining the results claimed in our materials depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, knowledge and various skills. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. Materials in our product and our website may contain information that includes or is based upon forward-looking statements within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events.

You can identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. They use words such as "anticipate," "estimate," "expect," "project," "intend," "believe," "plan," and other words and terms of similar meaning in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance. Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential.

Many factors will be important in determining your actual results and no guarantees are made that you will achieve results similar to ours or anybody else’s, in fact no guarantees are made that you will achieve any results from our ideas and techniques. Results vary, and as with any money-making opportunity, you could make more or less. Success in ANY money-making opportunity is a result of hard work, time and a variety of other factors. No express or implied guarantees of income are made by EmailRebel.com.

* Anyone caught copying our website, or using our trademarked/copyrighted text and/or images without permission will be reported to their billing company, their hosting company, and any other related companies for account closure. We will also follow up with a copyright infringement lawsuit in accordance with the The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).